Chris Soules Might Be Having a Little Too Much Fun With That OTHER Witney

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One-time Bachelor Chris Soules might be one of the luckiest men alive right now. He's got two Whitneys. Well, a Whitney and a Witney -- but both are sweet, beautiful, and blonde. One is his fiance -- his life partner (Whitney) -- and the other is his Dancing With the Stars partner (Witney). During a night out with both women in his life, Chris seemed to be paying more attention to Witney than Whitney.


Let's just say it takes a certain kind of person to not feel any tinge of jealousy when your partner is on Dancing With the Stars. Partners on this show dance and sweat together, bodies touching and rubbing and hugging all the time. But Whitney, the fiance, is used to that. She did meet Chris on The Bachelor. So this should be no big deal for her, right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

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While at Star Magazine's Hollywood Rocks Party, fiance Whit was in the background while DWTS Wit was all about Chris. Or really, Chris was all about Wit. He didn't take his eyes off her and it made me feel a little bad for Whitney. But then I thought about it some more. We want to see Chris and Wit out and about and connecting because Chris fans want him to win. Who is the biggest Chris Soules fan? Whitney Bischoff. So it's only natural that she encourages his friendship with Witney, who also seems like an awesome person and probably so much fun to be around. Who knows! Maybe Whit and Wit are becoming close friends, too.

What do you think of Chris and Witney's relationship? Should Whitney be worried?


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