Catelynn Lowell Says She 'Lost Her Freedom' When She Had Novalee

Catelynn Lowell became a mother almost six years ago when her daughter was born, but she hasn't really experienced motherhood until she and Tyler welcomed little Novalee a few months ago. Catelynn recently confessed what the most difficult thing about parenting is so far, and man, we can totally relate!


The Teen Mom star recently participated in an #AskTeenMom session with MTV on Twitter, and fans really wanted to know how their experience with parenthood has been so far, especially the most difficult aspects of it.

"Most challenging part would be the loss of freedom," Cate responded. "We were used to going anywhere any time." But she was quick to continue, "Above all LOVE spending every second with our little Novalee."

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Is that true or what? Ask any mom who has ever tried to take a newborn anywhere, and you'll gets knowing smiles of sympathy. You have to plan around their nap and feeding schedules, decide if you're going to nurse in public or pump or supplement, pack a diaper bag, bring extra clothes, wrestle the stroller into the back of the car, wrestle a fussy baby into a car seat ... the whole thing is giving me a headache remembering what it was like when my kids were babies.

But I'd do it again in an instant, because like Cate said, spending time with her baby is the best part about being a mama. So yes, parents do sacrifice their freedom to come and go without an arsenal of baby supplies, but in the end -- it's totally worth it.

Did you feel like you lost your freedom when you had a baby?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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