Maci Bookout Reveals Her Wedding Plans With Taylor McKinney

Maci Bookout is expecting her second child in June, with her hunky boyfriend Taylor McKinney. They've been dating for years now, and seem crazy in love with each other, which has everyone wondering -- will Maci and Taylor get married?


During Teen Mom OG this week, Maci talked about getting married for her grandparents' sake, but later she talked more about doing it the right way for her and Tay. On the after show special, she explained why they've decided against a shotgun wedding.

"We definitely want to marry each other," Maci confessed. "I definitely want to marry Taylor. But at the same time, to me marriage is about wanting to get married because you want to marry that person, not because you're pregnant and you wanna rush into it."

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Not only that, but she doesn't want to merge baby-making with wedding planning. "I just want this experience to be on its own," she added. "I know we'll get married."

Does she have her head on straight or what? Getting married just because you're pregnant is a bad idea. She and Taylor have lots of time to make it legal, and in the meantime, who cares? They already live together, and Taylor is awesome with Bentley.

Getting married because of societal pressure to avoid the "baby out of wedlock" stigma isn't going to make that kid's life any better. Having two parents who are committed to each other will. Maci feels secure in her relationship, and knows they'll tie the knot someday -- she just wants to enjoy this part of her life as is.

Do you think Maci's making the right decision by waiting to get married?


Image via Taylor McKinney/Instagram

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