Chelsea Houska Has Finally Met the Man She's Always Dreamed About (VIDEO)

Chelsea Houska knows exactly what she wants in a man -- and she found it in Cole DeBoer. In fact, she had no idea she was about to meet him during the last season of Teen Mom 2, when she told her friend what the man of her dreams looked like.


She Instagrammed the video on Wednesday, April 15, and made sure to tag her hunky man Cole. She also added the caption, "Talking about the kind of guy I wanted last season on Teen Mom 2..."

"He'd be standing here with his shirt off, with his big abs, and his muscles..." Chels dreamed about her imaginary boyfriend at the time.

"Yeah, because real men have all that," her friend sort of chided. "They do!" Chelsea insisted.

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It turns out she was right! Cole is all sorts of dreamy, and does have muscles for days. Of course he's fantastic in non-shallow ways too, like how much he loves playing with Aubree, and how well he treats Chelsea.

But we can't blame her for braggin' on his stellar good looks! Dude is hot.

Do you think Chelsea and Cole make a cute couple?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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