Maci Bookout's Latest Dig at Farrah Abraham Is Harsh but Totally Justified

Oyza. Farrah Abraham is set to make a very controversial return to MTV next week, as she will finally be included as a cast member in Teen Mom: Original Girls. She was initially left out of the project, thanks to some very questionable choices she's made, but ever since her return, her cast mates have been questioning it. Most Recently, Maci Bookout blasted Farrah by questioning why she feels entitled to treat people the way that she does.


On an after special for the show, MTV hostess Nessa got a chance to talk to Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell about how they felt with Farrah back on the show. What they had to say wasn't exactly kind .. or undeserved.

Amber Portwood admitted, "Honestly, I feel two ways about Farrah ... I see her when she's rude, and then I see her when she's crying and she's actually hurt because she was rejected in the beginning ... She had every single right to feel that way. But then again, it's how you come across when you talk about it and with your classmates, and burning bridges with everybody."

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That's when Catelynn opened up and said, "From day one she's never really been open with any of us since Sixteen and Pregnant ... [she has] never has really expressed how she feels."

But nothing could have prepared us for what Maci had to say about Farrah. Chica did not hold back!

Maci said, "One thing I don't understand is the way she talks to people ... you just don't treat people that way no matter how you're feeling. If she feels a certain way, there's a way to get that across without being so ugly. You don’t have to be so mean."

We're sure that Maci was referring to Farrah's attitude and not looks when she called her ugly, but the lady makes a good point. Farrah has had every opportunity to be kind to people, and she just hasn't shown it.

Hopefully, we'll see Farrah grow in leaps and bounds on Teen Mom OG this season ... but we're not exactly holding our breath.

Do you think Maci was justified in her insult to Farrah?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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