'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Gary's Pregnancy News Changes Amber Portwood's Plans

amber portwoodWe have pregnancy announcements, adoption battles, and wedding plans, and that's just in a one hour Teen Mom OG episode. We finally see Maci Bookout announce her second pregnancy, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra struggle with Carly's adoption while simultaneously finalizing their wedding plans, and Amber Portwood finally learn about Gary Shirley's second child. People, get ready.


First, we see Maci and boyfriend Taylor McKinney, who finally drop the big truth bomb: They're expecting a baby. The producers are all shocked, Maci and Taylor are clearly glowing, and they're eagerly awaiting announcing it to Bentley.

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But for now, the biggest worry is Bentley's birthday. His sixth birthday is coming up and it's completely TBD whether or not Ryan will show up at the kindergartner's birthday.

Spoiler alert: he does. With Shelby. And it's a shock to everyone. The two are going through a rough patch in their relationship, while Maci and Taylor are at a seemingly all-time high. But, as it should be, it's all about Bentley. And when little man finally finds out that he's about to be a big brother, and after multiple moments of questioning, he's excited for the next addition.

Meanwhile, Catelynn and Tyler are facing challenges of their own. They're expecting their second daughter and Catelynn's weight gain is far ahead of a doctor's projections, so Tyler goes on a mission to health-ify the mom-to-be's diet.

But there's another major issue on their mind. They finally solidify their wedding venue and date, and then they receive a call from Theresa. Turns out, adoptive and birth parents will all sit down for a major conversation regarding Carly, and the two will get their long-awaited annual visit. 'Tis 'bout time.

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And finally, we have the biggest news of all: Gary Shirley is expecting his second child with girlfriend Kristina, and Amber Portwood is about to hear the news. When Gary first announces it to daughter Leah, he admits the baby's an accident (hold up, WHAT?!), but manages to get it together when it comes to telling Amber.

And girl handles it like a total pro. She's cool, calm, collected through the whole announcement (see photo above), but it doesn't last long. She admits that the news "closes the door for good" for the two of them ever reuniting and even goes to far as to say that "that man and me will never be together again."

Hear that? No chance. Not happening. It's definitively over. She even confirms to cameras and producers. Though there may have been an inkling of a teeny tiny chance of an Amber/Gary rekindling, that has been thoroughly put out. Call it now, please.

Stay tuned for next week for more major developments and to find out exactly how it all goes down.

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