​Farrah Abraham's Dream of Being a Plastic Surgeon Moves One Step Closer to Reality

Remember a few weeks ago when Farrah Abraham said she wanted to be a plastic surgeon, and we all sort of chuckled at the preposterous idea? Be afraid, you guys ... be very, very afraid. Farrah has apparently been invited to shadow a plastic surgeon in Miami, as she pursues her dream of wielding the scalpel herself.


So ... yeah. That's happening. What's that emotion we're all feeling upon hearing this news? Oh yes -- terror.

Dr. Sergio Alvarez has agreed to mentor Farrah this summer in his Miami office, including allowing her to sit in on some surgeries. "I think becoming a plastic surgeon takes more of a passion than a desire; When Farrah comes to shadow me I think we can really address her passion and give her a chance to see first hand the changes our patients go through," he shared.

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Well it's clear Farrah has a passion for cosmetic surgery all right. She's had so many procedures done it's hard to keep track. She's had her nose and boobs done, a chin implant placed and later removed, so many lip fillers that she now sports a permanent duck face, and there were rumors she had something done to her butt too.

But being at the other end of the surgeon's knife does not qualify someone to be a doctor themselves! Does Farrah realize how much schooling is involved to become a doctor? She wouldn't have any time to make auto-tuned music videos or write erotica anymore! And that's not even getting into how much time it will take away from promoting her sex toys.

Anyway, the Teen Mom star admitted, "It is incredible how important doctors our to our society and how they help individuals live up to their full potential in life. I hope to inspire and help others fulfill their best selves as I do my best to become the top doctor in the nation in my future."

Hear that you guys? Not just a regular doctor -- a top doctor. Well, good luck to her.

Would you trust Farrah Abraham to operate on you?


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