Josh Murray & Ashley Iaconetti Dating Rumors Can Finally Be Explained

Josh Murray Ashley Iaconetti

Good grief. When I first heard the rumors about Bachelorette winner Josh Murray dating Ashley Iaconetti, a.k.a. "Kardashley" from Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, I was all, "Duh ... exactly no one is surprised by this news." For starters, Josh clearly digs brunettes.


And plenty of Bachelor/ette people tend to date other Bachelor/ette people after their respective seasons, because duh -- they're single and hot, which is a winning combination.

While there are plenty of reports out there insisting that Josh and Ashley are not an item and were merely hanging out together in NYC by some mere coincidence, Ashley is actually telling a much different story.

Get this one -- apparently Josh reached out to her in an effort to possibly form some sort of love connection, but she brought along two friends on the "date" as chaperones, or whatever. (Hey, do you really think she'd give Josh her v-card on the first date? Not a chance.)

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Ugh, you see where I'm going with this, right? Maybe Josh is genuinely interested in Ashley for her witty sense of humor and gorgeous looks, or perhaps he snagged a golden opportunity to "hang out with her" in the hopes of getting dating rumors going, thus thrusting him right back into the spotlight where he clearly wants to be.

Huh. If that's the case, his little plan worked like a charm, as people are still questioning the nature of the relationship days after the two of them were spotted together. Josh may be a lot of things, but stupid clearly isn't one of them, so it's definitely not impossible to believe that he's going to extra lengths to keep himself current in the wake of his split from Andi Dorfman.

As for Ashley? Given the fact that she is saving herself for marriage, odds are good that she's more than able to recognize when a dude is trying to play her. Hey, if she's waited this long, she might as well hold out for someone who only has the best of intentions.

Do you think Ashley and Josh would make a good couple?


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