'Long Island Medium' Recap: Theresa Caputo Goes to Jail!

theresa caputo

I hope acrylic nails are allowed in the clink, because this week on Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo went to jail


Ha ha ha, you clowns. Theresa Caputo was not arrested, but my god was a show that would be, right? A medium thrown in jail, all talking to prison ghosts and what have you? I would watch it. Somebody pitch that noise to Hulu, they seem to run with just about anything. MOVING ON: Theresa dragged her husband Larry back to a local low-security prison to share her "beautiful gift of spirit". I put that in quotes because I want it on the record that this is how Theresa refers to her gift, not me. As a rule my prose is far less purple. 

Last season, Theresa had a very powerful encounter with a young, female inmate. This week, after reuniting with the woman in question and discovering how positively her reading had impacted her post-prison life, Theresa decided to return to jail and try it again. 

It was actually very strange to see Theresa feel uncomfortable and unsure about how she would be received. This time, she was dealing with men -- with Larry adorably standing guard -- and once spirit took the reigns she finally seemed a lot more at ease. From the sounds of things, the inmates really took her messages to heart. Maybe this will silence critics who think mediums are just a useless party trick, no?

Do you believe in mediums?


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