'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Recap: Which Daughter Is Giving Kris Jenner The Silent Treatment?

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This week on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris Jenner pulled out all the stops to bond with her daughter Kylie Jenner. 


Apparently, it has been two weeks since Kylie has even spoken to her mother. We're never told what exactly is wrong between the duo, but both vaguely elude to Kris being "too hard" on Kylie. My guess? Pushing her profesionally and not knowing when to switch from being manager to being mom. There's  reason Kylie has turned to her dad Bruce Jenner more and more these days -- he is laidback and appreciates Kylie for Kylie, not as a financial asset. 

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Initially I thought it was great of Kris to plan a girls' getaway to reconnect with her youngest daughter. But right off the bat Kris fouled things up by talking business with Kylie as they drove to San Diego. Eventually they were able to reconnect, but it took Kris's OWN mom pointing out how difficult being 17 can be to bring Kris back to earth in terms of dealing with Kylie.

Having more than one kid doesn't magically make you an expert. What works for your oldest isn't going to work for your youngest. I was a bad kid (relatively speaking) and my folks had to keep me under a strict curfew with all manner of rules. Whereas my baby brother at nine years my junior was basically born forty years old and required a much less hands on approach during her teen years. It was cool for Kris to take a minute and realize that what worked as a parenting style for her older kids might not work for Kylie, and for that I give her kudos. 

How do you reconnect with your family when you feel distant?


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