'Game of Thrones' Recap: 'Wars to Come' Concludes With the Death of Another King

game of thrones recap the wars to comeIt's finally here!! Winter is officially over with the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones, "The Wars to Come." After an incredible season 4, with more twists and turns and violence and craziness that even book fans could not expect, season 5 has been rumored to deviate from the books unlike any other season -- sure to be polarizing yet fun to watch at the same time. Might as well dive right into the premiere and geek out over what happened!

SPOILERS for "The Wars to Come" ahead! 


Season 4 left fans with a lot of cliffhangers. The premiere begins with two young girls traipsing through a forest. Can this be the start of the flashbacks fans were promised (a first for the show)? Looks like the young girl is a young Cersei, perfectly cast by HBO yet again. They come across a passed out fortune teller, and the blonde brat demands for her future to be told. She tells Cersei she will be queen for a little while, but one will be younger and more beautiful and take all she holds dear.

Back to the present, when Cersei, dressed in mourning black, approaches her father's body with those freaky stone eyes. Her brother and ex-lover Jaime is there standing watch, knowing the role he had in his father's death by letting his brother escape prison. 

Jaime is already nervous about everyone else trying to take over Tywin's position of power. Cersei asks Jaime point blank if Jaime set Tyrion free, but she seems to have figured it out. Her paranoia drives them even further apart. At least there's no controversial sex scene in front of Tywin's body this time.

But it seems that their brother has somehow made it out of King's Landing alive, to the rather picturesque locale of Pentos, with Varys looking down on a bearded, bewildered Tyrion. They discuss that "fucking crate" and Tyrion's shit and it's just like Game of Thrones never ended. Tyrion immediately goes straight to the liquor. Varys admits that Westeros needs to be saved, but Tyrion retches in response when discussing his city's future, then takes another drink. Welcome back, Tyrion.

Tyrion asks Varys why he set him free. Varys of course did it "for the Seven Kingdoms." He believes a war is coming, but all he wants is peace and prosperity. Varys says they need a perfect monarch, a ruler loved by millions with the proper name, strong yet compassionate, and we all know exactly who he has in mind. Could Tyrion and Daenerys finally team up and take on Westeros?!

Speaking of Meereen, an awesome VFX shot features a statue toppling down from a tall building. Then we get our first full-frontal scene not even 20 minutes in from a whore who slits the throat of one of the Unsullied. A creepy dude in a mask looks on. Daenerys Targaryen wants revenge and asks for the Unsullied soldier to be buried with honor. Ruling Slaver's Bay does not seem to be as easy as she suspects. But all Missandei can worry about is what exactly Grey Worm's got going on Down Under when the Unsullied visit the brothels. Sigh.

When Dany hears complaints from previous slavers, "I'm not a politician; I'm a queen," Dany quips. They ask for the reopening of the fighting pits. And that leads to a wonderful butt shot of Daario Naharis in bed with Dany. (Time to take a shot!) Seems their tryst wasn't a one-night thing. Poor Jorah, what would he think?! Daario tries to persuade her to reopen the pits. He tells her that as soon as anyone around the world sees weakness, they will attack. Anyone can buy an army of Unsullied, but she's the only one with dragons -- she oughta use them. She admits she cannot control them. She proves this to herself by going to the place where the two left are held captive, and they attack her. And they're also HUGE.

Sansa Stark is still all badass in black while Petyr Baelish still creeps on next to her. Robin Arryn is a terrible swordsman, a complete and total shock to everyone who watches.

When she and Petyr ride in a carriage together, they go right by Brienne and Podrick, our favorite squire. Though Brienne is quick to correct us, saying Podrick's not a squire if she's not a knight. But Petyr promises Sansa that they're going to a place that even Cersei cannot find them.

Speaking of Cersei, she looks on, annoyed by everyone, as they gather to mourn her father. A great time for some cameos throughout King's Landing, such as from Lancel, her cousin, and Grand Maester Pycelle. Lancel seeks forgiveness for their "unnatural relations." He claims to find peace in religion and she can't help but mock him. 

Loras Tyrell gets his birth marks checked out by his lover Oliver. Margaery barges in and they (and she!) don't even care. Gay or straight, shouldn't that freak any sibling out? She asks him to be more discreet, and he hilariously answers, "Why?" Loras is relieved Tywin is dead so he won't have to marry Cersei. When Loras threatens Margaery with having Cersei as a mother-by-law, she broodily answers, "Perhaps." Who knows what this girl has up her sleeve?

Back on the Wall, Jon Snow is trying to train the new recruits how to fight. Gilly and Sam are worried that she and the baby will be sent away. Melisandre and Jon take the long ride up the Wall, and she's underdressed for such cold, but her weird red powers keep her warm. Of course she asks him inappropriate questions and seems relieved he is not a virgin. Oh boy.

Stannis Baratheon and Ser Davos Seaworth greet Jon on the top. They talk about how Roose Bolton is the ruler of Winterfell now. Stannis wants to take over the North and wants Jon to convince Mance Rayder to bow to him. He's only got until nightfall. Could the wildlings and Stanni's army finally reunite and take back the North?

Mance of course refuses to do so. Jon hopes that Mance's power to unite the wildlings would help unite the entire North. Mance is brave enough to admit how afraid he is, and his fear probably becomes even worse when Jon says they'll burn him alive. Principles or people? Burn or kneel? White Walkers, dude! Who can forget the true threat of Westeros? But "the freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted" he admits.

In front of Stannis, Mance wishes him good fortune in "the wars to come." Melisandre approaches him as he is tied to the stake. She gives a pretty speech about choosing light over dark, etc., etc., before igniting the blaze. The crowd watches in horror as the fear in Mance grows. How could Stannis even let his daughter Shireen watch?! Finally Jon can bear it no longer and shoots him with an arrow. 

Well -- damn, that episode felt way too short. It should build up to hopefully what will become an awesome season 5. And no Arya! What a travesty. Luckily there are 9 episodes left to figure out what she's been up to in Braavos.

What did you think of the season premiere of Game of Thrones?


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