Mackenzie Douthit's Bikini Competition Body Will Totally Blow Your Mind (PHOTO)

Mackenzie Douthit

She's always been in crazy amazing shape (to say the least) -- but just wait until you get a load of how Mackenzie Douthit has beefed up her already muscular bod in preparation for the National Physique Committee Bikini Competition.


You guys? Based on this pic, it's perfectly clear that Mackenzie isn't someone you want to mess with.

Check out those guns!

Mackenzie Douthit

Good GAWD! She doesn't have one single ounce of fat on her, and man, she's about as toned as a mom of two can possibly get! (Not that we're jealous or anything. Ok, maybe a little.)

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Of course, not too long after she shared this photo, she followed up with this odd tweet, which leads us to believe she possibly won't be entering the competition after all?

Mackenzie has made no secret about the fact that she wants to become a fitness model, so did something happen to make her believe it's just not possible for whatever reason?

One thing's for sure, she's more than hot enough to take home the winning title, so if things aren't going to work out with this competition, she should definitely think about entering another one in the future. What does she have to lose?

Are you impressed with Mackenzie's physique?

Images via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram; Twitter

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