Whitney Bischoff's Sudden Baby Plans Don't Make Any Sense

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff

Huh. This is a little odd. They've only been publicly engaged for like, a month, and already OK! magazine is reporting that Whitney Bischoff wants a baby with Chris Soules now as opposed to after they tie the knot and settle down on the farm.


A source supposedly claims, "She (Whitney) thinks it's the perfect time. She's putting pressure on Chris to have kids immediately!"

(Gah. You'd think she could at least let him finish his run on Dancing With the Stars before demanding to be knocked up.)

The source goes on to add:

She made it very clear that starting a family is important, and she wanted to get started yesterday. She's always making comments about her kids running around the farm.

Hmm. I wonder if this person took Whitney's comments out of context? I mean, she's engaged to a dude who lives on a farm, so she can certainly envision her children running around on said farm as more of a future reference ... not necessarily meaning she wants to get preggo tomorrow.

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And if what this "insider" says as far as Chris' feelings about starting a family is true, Whitney probably shouldn't run out and buy ovulation kits just yet. He/she adds, "He (Chris) has way more stuff he wants to do first. He's just not ready for fatherhood."

More stuff? He wants to do more stuff? What kinda stuff? Traveling the world? Growing his career a little more? Appearing on back-to-back reality shows? (Wait ... what?)

While we may not be privy to the conversations they have when the cameras aren't rolling, exactly no one will be shocked if Chris and Whitney have thrown around the idea of kids. But for crying out loud, can we at least wait until they've been engaged for say, half a year or so before we go jumping to the conclusion that they'll wind up having a shotgun wedding? (Eye roll.)

How soon after getting married do you think Whitney will turn up pregnant?


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