'True Detective' Season 2 Trailer Is Here: Well, Hellooooo Colin Farrell! (VIDEO)

After a ton of talk, a ton of Tweets, and a ton of anticipation (at least from where we're sitting), HBO finally released a teaser trailer for True Detective Season 2. Here is what we think of that: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But they were not kidding when they called it a teaser: it clocks in at exactly one minute and features a whopping total of ZERO lines of dialogue. 

It's the tiniest of tiny glimpses into the brand new True Detective world ... but we'll take it. For now. Watch it here:

Hello Colin Farrell! Has anyone ever before looked hot in a bolo tie? We thought not. But Colin is making us think again, even if he also definitely looks a little (a lot) like a creepy murderer, too.

We already knew that this season was going to bring in new actors and a new set (welcome to not-so-sunny California!), but we did NOT know we were in for a new theme song. Was the biggest shock of this whole thing that it didn't start with that ba-da dum da DA? Uh, you betcha it was.

But anyways, Colin looks great. Taylor Kitsch looks GREATAnd Rachel McAdams looks greatest of all, striding down sidewalks and busting down doors. It's beyond time this show turns the cameras on some leading ladies, and Rachel McAdams kicking butt is definitely a good place to start.

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And Vince Vaughn? Well, he doesn't seem to be doing much but initiating staring contests with every other character on the show. But we'll take it.

OH WAIT -- have we not talked about the staring yet? There's a lot of it. Sure, there is some pushing and shoving going on, too. But it's mostly staring. Sexy staring, scared staring, staring-because-there's-nothing-else-to-do staring ... it's all there (and we don't hate it).

We're not sure why there's so much staring, except that it has something to do with another murder plot. But this time, we're leaving the Louisiana swamps behind and staring at each other on the stretch of California between Los Angeles and San Francisco instead.

Vince, Rachel, Colin & Co. are going to be involved in some corruption behind a high-speed railway deal that's supposed to run the length of California. No news yet on who will murder who, but we'll find out when the show returns on June 21.

Which, by the way, NEEDS TO COME FASTER.

How do you think the new season is going to be?


Image via HBO's channel/Youtube

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