Josh Murray's Latest Insult to Andi Dorfman Is the Meanest One Yet

It looks like someone is having a hard time keeping the bitterness at bay after his breakup. Josh Murray just can't seem to keep his mouth shut when it comes to taking jabs at his ex Andi Dorfman, and his latest insult is beyond the pale!


A couple of weeks ago, Josh said that the "right woman" just hadn't come along yet, despite having proposed to Andi after she picked him on The Bachelorette. These two seemed so in tune, their breakup after only five months together came as a complete surprise.

At a recent event, Josh continued to talk about his split from Andi, this time to OKMagazine. He said, "We're very different people in a lot of very important ways ... It just unfortunately didn't work out in the end."

When asked if they're still in touch, he responded, "She lives in New York and I'm in Atlanta and I've been very, very busy, as I'm sure she has a hectic schedule ... we really don't have much time to really speak much."

OK, that's pretty fine. I mean, what do you say about the end of a relationship? Maybe he should have said something more nonchalant like, "She's a great girl, but we're both busy doing our own things right now," but let's not split hairs. Breaking up is hard to do.

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But he should have stopped there. Instead, Josh went on to explain what he's looking for in a future wife. He said, "Somebody that is a family-oriented person, somebody that likes to chill."

Whoa. Did he say that Andi is a high-strung lady who lacks family values? If that's what he's looking for, then obviously he didn't think Andi had it, or they'd still be together.

That's basically the worst thing you can say about a woman -- that she's not family-oriented, and that she is too emotional/high-strung/agitable/etc.

Meanwhile, Andi seems to be proving the opposite, by refusing to let Josh get under her skin and spur a public outburst at his unkind words. She's just letting it roll off her back, deeming it so inconsequential that it doesn't even deserve a response. I don't know ... you might even call her attitude about it "chill."

Do you think Josh should stop talking about his failed relationship with Andi Dorfman?


Image via Josh Murray/Instagram

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