Tyler Baltierra's Feud With Carly's Parents Takes a Surprising Turn

Things have been a bit contentious recently between Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, and their birth daughter's adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa Davis. Ty has obviously been upset about the ban on posting photos and videos of Carly, but he recently admitted that he's made peace with Carly's adoptive parents.


The drama came to light on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, in which Tyler posted a video of Carly online, and Brandon and Teresa weren't happy about it. They've asked the reality stars multiple times to keep Carly out of the spotlight, and this was a clear violation of that trust.

Ty said some pretty incendiary things, including that the Davises wouldn't even have a family if it weren't for him.

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But thankfully, everyone seems willing to let bygones be bygones, and they've worked out their differences. On April 6, Kailyn Lowry tweeted to Ty and Cate that she was in tears, and couldn't imagine the position they were in. Take a look and see what Tyler responded with:

They have moved forward in their relationship. Thank goodness. Even though Brandon and Teresa haven't weighed in publicly about the situation, we're going to take Ty's word on this.

Which just goes to show that he and Cate chose the most amazing parents to raise their biological daughter. The Davises could have totally hammered down on them for violating their trust and denied them access to Carly. Instead, they obviously worked together to understand each other, and showed sensitivity to Tyler's plight.

Adoption is never an easy choice, and when it's an open one, there's another layer of emotion on top of it. We're just glad that these parents seem to have worked it out, to the benefit of all the children involved.

Are you glad to hear that the feud between Carly's birth parents and adoptive parents seems to be over?


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