Jenelle Evans Reveals the Sad Truth About Breakup With Nathan Griffith

Now that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are officially over (we're pretty sure this time), we're left wondering what the heck really happened. While we've assumed that Jenelle was the one to call it quits, since he was arrested for domestic violence and issued a no-contact order, one of her recent tweets makes it seems as though Nathan was the one who left her.


The Teen Mom 2 star shared with her fans this week the sad truth about her breakup -- she apparently begged him to stay! Take a look at what she wrote:

Oh man, it seems like she's having a really hard time accepting that it's over. We know she was crazy in love with Nathan, but with so many rumors that he cheated, plus the whole violence thing ... it's hard to imagine her begging him to stay.

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Or maybe she was begging him to change his ways and be the devoted husband and father he promised to be? The couple welcomed baby Kaiser last June, and got engaged just this past January. It took less than two months for everything to fall apart.

Regardless of how much Jenelle begged Nathan, she seems to be trying to move on as best as she can. She shared this vacation sentiment on Wednesday, April 8:

If that's not a "can't touch this" tweet, I don't know what is! Clearly, Jenelle is upset about how things went down, but she seems to be trying to put on a brave face and make a beautiful life for her family -- even if it doesn't include Nathan Griffith anymore.

What do you think Jenelle begged Nathan for?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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