Leah Calvert Has Reportedly Left Jeremy Calvert for Good

Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

As much as we were really hoping they'd somehow manage to work things out, apparently Leah Calvert has officially left Jeremy Calvert, even going so far as to move out of the home they share in West Virginia.


Er, at least that's what In Touch is suggesting. (Let's take the news with a grain of salt, given the source.)

Supposedly Leah took her three girls and set up shop at her mother Dawn's home, which means she must be pretty serious about finally ending the marriage if she was willing to leave her home.

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As for what ultimately led to the demise of their relationship? A source allegedly claims:

Leah and Jeremy promised each other they would try and move on, but Jeremy can't seem to get over the past. He's constantly accusing Leah of things -- usually cheating.

(Ugh. I thought they were past the Robbie Kidd rumors? Guess not.)

Until Jeremy or Leah makes some sort of official statement about whether or not they're divorcing, we probably shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet as far as the marriage being over for good goes.

But given the fact that they spent their last wedding anniversary apart coupled with the split rumors that have plagued them for months on end, the outlook certainly isn't good for these two to wind up living happily ever after.

Are you disappointed that Leah and Jeremy are (probably) over?


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