Kailyn Lowry's Bold Statement About Her Marriage Says It All

Kailyn Lowry is no stranger to gossip about the status of her marriage to Javi Marroquin. A couple of months ago, the Teen Mom 2 stars were subject to rumors that their relationship was falling apart, due mostly to the stress of MTV cameras in their life. But Kail took to Instagram on Tuesday, April 7 to put the haters in their place when it comes to her marriage with Javi.


The reality star posted the above photo to her social media account, and added a telling caption on how she really feels about her handsome hubs. She wrote:

I wasn't gona post this because he doesn't have his arm around me and I know how all of you attack for every little thing and I didn't feel like dealing with it ... but just to prove to everyone that I'm lowed to have male friends at school and still be married. Love you [Javi].

Man, can you imagine feeling so critiqued that you wonder if you should even post a photo because it may not seem lovey-dovey enough? Obviously Kail feels self-conscious about what other people think of her, and like she said, gets sick of dealing with other people's perceptions about her life.

But good for her for choosing to share this moment with her hubby, and make a statement that they're more in love than ever.

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Rumor has it that a good portion of their story on the next season of Teen Mom 2 will be about their bickering. A source revealed, "Nothing specific happened between them. They were just having fights and arguments over dumb stuff. It was typical young marriage troubles."

Anyone who's been married knows that all marriages have their ups and downs, and it takes awhile to get into a groove with your spouse. Even if Kail and Javi were bickering on-camera, that doesn't mean their relationship is over -- it just means they're human.

It's great that Kail can post sweet moments like this to highlight that it's not all squabbles between her and Javi. She loves him deeply, and shouldn't have to worry about fans criticizing her because his arm wasn't in the right place.

Do you think Kail and Javi's marriage is in trouble?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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