'Creepy' Rob Lowe Gets Hilarious Revenge on Folks Who Don't Like His Ads

Rob Lowe has done a series of ads for DirectTV over the past several months that have poked some serious fun at us losers who still subscribe to cable TV instead of satellite. Comcast in particular was perturbed, and the cable-provider recently appealed to the National Advertising Division, who decided that the Rob Lowe ads were misleading.


Apparently some people don't have a funny bone. Or maybe Comcast is jealous they didn't think of the idea first? Anyway, the NAD can't force DirectTV to take the ads off the air, but they can suggest that "the company discontinue the catchphrase 'Don't be like this me. Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV' because it "conveyed a comparative and unsupported superiority message."

Uh ... I'm pretty sure that's the hilarious, hyperbolic point of these commercials. Only weird, dumb, uncool, trailer trash people would continue to use cable, so why be like that, right? It's called humor, people.

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Anyway, Rob Lowe's alter-egos were so pissed off when they found out that DirectTV was pulling their commercials, they vowed revenge against Comcast and any other numbskull who found the ads to be offensive rather than just plain funny.

Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe will superglue a fanny pack to your midsection, so you can be just as out-of-touch as he is.

Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe will steal all the mayo and pickles out of your fridge and cupboards. Because if he can't have it, no one can.

Super Creepy Rob Lowe will spy on you like the creeper he is, and post all of your awkward moments -- like the time you accidentally knocked over the display of Oreo cookies at the grocery store -- to the Internet to live in infamy forever.

Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe will sneak into your house and clog all of your drains with his gross man hair.

Meathead Rob Lowe will sneak self tanner into your body lotion, so you can look as gloriously orange as him.


Peaked in High School Rob Lowe will show up to your next class reunion and dump Gatorade on your head, then celebrate his victory by giving you a pink belly.


Overly Paranoid Rob Lowe will tap all your lines, just to make sure that you weren't directly responsible for pulling his ads off the air.

Poor Decision Making Rob Lowe will eat that tuna sandwich he found on the bus, then he'll make sure he's in your vicinity when the effects of food poisoning kick in. Your shoes will not be safe from vomit.


Total Deadbeat Rob Lowe will convince you to loan him money (perhaps to pay his cable bill), lose it gambling, and then never pay you back.

Which version of Rob Lowe is your favorite?


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