Chris Soules Makes Surprising Comment About Becca Tilley

Whitney Bischoff Becca Tilley

Whoa. Did you happen to catch Chris Soules' emotional moment with Whitney Bischoff after his performance on Dancing With the Stars on Monday night? Um, he seriously couldn't run over to her fast enough after his rumba, and when he hugged and kissed her, it actually appeared as though he was shaking. (Poor dude.)


As much as haters have tried to tear them down and insist they are faking their romance for the sake of fortune and fame, it's really impossible to deny the chemistry between them, so let's go ahead and cut them some slack, m'kay?

But if the bond Chris and Whitney obviously share isn't enough to make you believe they're the real deal, wait until you get a load of what he said about Becca Tilley's friendship with Whitney, because it will absolutely convince you that he and Whit have no secrets between them.

He told Us Weekly:

I'm so glad they're friends. It doesn't surprise me because I was pretty close to some guys that were dating Andi when I was on The Bachelorette. I'm just glad they were able to keep their friendship, because they're great girls. That's what the experience was about. Meeting some really great people and having those friendships is important.

Hmm. Would a guy who is still hung up on his ex or not totally confident in his relationship make such a bold statement? I don't think so. If Chris had any sort of trust issues with Whitney whatsoever, he certainly wouldn't approve of her spending time with, well, the chick he dumped for her, so this obviously proves that both he and Whitney are secure in the relationship.

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As for Becca? Man. If she didn't already prove to the world that she's about as confident and mature as 20-something women get, being able to remain friends with her ex-boyfriend's new fiancée certainly solidifies things.

OMG. I wonder if she'll wind up being a bridesmaid at the wedding? Sure, it would be a tiny bit weird, but then again, it would be an amazing gesture of love and support towards the happy couple. Aww. Whatta gal.

(Remind us all again why Becca is still single?)

Do you think it's odd that Becca and Whitney are friends?


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