'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jill Duggar's Gender Reveal Party Has a Special Twist

Jill Duggar Derick DIllard

This week on 19 Kids & Counting, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard found out the sex of their baby. Surprise! It is a male unicorn! I kid, I kid. To reveal the news about baby Dilly's gender, they opted to throw a gender reveal party for their families. 


I am not a fan of the gender reveal party. It seems like a whole lot work and build-up for something that, while exciting, doesn't exactly seem like something to party about. This could just be me. I mean, I'm all for finding reasons to party, let's be clear. If someone wanted to have a Today I Ate Pizza party, I would be there to be support them wholeheartedly, because one, I love pizza, and two I love parties. So it's not like I frown on those among us who choose to share whether their child will have a penis or a vagina in a celebratory fashion, it just seems WEIRD to me. 

That rant out of the way, Derick and Jill managed to make me think the entire thing was actually endearing! Well, maybe not the party itself, but how they handled the entire affair. Jill and Derick invited her entire "buddy group" (the kids she minded when she still lived at home) to come find out the gender before anyone else. Plus, she and Derick arranged for Derick's brother Dan to surprise his mom who was receiving cancer treatment out of state with the news. 

I think it is intensely sweet that these two would look out for the people in their life to this degree. They not only threw one big celebration for their baby boy (yup, there you have it), they were thoughtful and inclusive when it came the special people in their lives. It makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy! 

What do you think of gender reveal parties?


Image via TLC


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