Tyler Baltierra Makes an Outrageous Comment About Carly's Parents (VIDEO)

It's no secret to Teen Mom fans that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have hit some bumps in the road with their relationship to Brandon and Teresa Davis, the couple who adopted their firstborn daughter Carly. Carly's adoptive parents have repeatedly asked Cate and Ty not to share pictures of their daughter on their considerable social media platforms, a decision which has irked Tyler to no end.


On Teen Mom OG this week, the birth parents landed in hot water for posting Carly's pictures online. Catelynn didn't seem to take much umbrage over the Internet restriction, telling MTV, "I didn't want to jeopardize our relationship with them and Carly ... I think that was my biggest thing because they told us so many times not to post pictures."

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Tyler wasn't so cool about it though, and felt that Brandon and Teresa weren't looking at things from their perspective. He felt like he should be given more free reign when it comes to sharing pictures of Carly, because without him, Brandon and Teresa wouldn't even have a family.

Say what?? Holy moly, did Ty just step in it or what? He said:

I feel like with Brandon and Teresa and me, it's more like a power struggle. Who's got the power to make certain decisions. I completely understand that it is their child, they are raising her, the only thing that connects to me is biologically, which I get that. But the bottom line is you wouldn't have the family you had if it wasn't for me.

Just ... whoa. What was he thinking? We know that Brandon and Teresa struggled for years with infertility before deciding to adopt, so this just seems downright mean.

I get that Tyler is frustrated, and obviously wants to share his journey (he wouldn't be on a reality TV show if he didn't), but he has to be respectful of Carly's parents. It's a gift and a blessing that they get to have any relationship with their daughter at all -- Ty would be wise to keep his grievances with the Davises on the DL, rather than airing them on national TV. 


Do you think Tyler should drop it already?


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