Jenelle Evans Goes to New Extreme to Lose Even More Weight (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

Well? Apparently the latest weight loss fad among reality TV stars has claimed another victim fan. In a new Instagram photo, Jenelle Evans showed off her waist trainer, which she's apparently wearing during sweat sessions in an effort to become even more minuscule than she already is.


We've seen the Kardashian sisters turn up wearing the corset-like apparatus more times than we can count, and not too long ago, Jenelle's fellow Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry also hopped on the waist training bandwagon, so we have to assume they're getting some sort of decent results by using such a strange contraption.


Ugh. It may be helping Jenelle and countless other women shed pounds, but man, that thing has to be pretty uncomfortable.

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I mean, working out is grueling enough without wearing something around your mid-section that makes it even more difficult to breathe, so you have to really, really want to achieve an hourglass shape if you dare to try this thing on for size.

On a totally unrelated note, what's up with Jenelle still wearing her engagement ring? Last we heard, she and Nathan had not even spoken since his most recent arrest, so are they still together or not? Oh, and considering Nathan changed his Facebook status to "single," we seriously hope she isn't wearing the ring because she's clinging to some hope that they'll manage to work things out.

The good news is that with how much she's transformed her overall physique, odds are good that she won't have too much trouble finding a dude to replace him. (Always a silver lining, people.)

Would you ever try a waist trainer?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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