Chris Soules' Plans After 'DWTS' Make Us Question Everything

Since he's on his third consecutive reality show, it's not far-fetched to imagine that Chris Soules is a bit of a fame-monger. First he a contestant on The Bachelorette, trying to win Andi Dorfman's heart, and then he found true love as The Bachelor, and before we could even ogle Whitney's ring, he showed up as a surprise addition on Dancing With the Stars.


That being said, we've been wondering what his plans are for after DWTS. There was a rumor he was shopping around for another reality show, but it was never confirmed. And in a recent interview with Time magazine, he surprised us all by admitting his real passion -- and it's not reality TV.

"Once I'm done with Dancing with the Stars, I am headed straight back to Iowa," he confessed. "Hopefully I'm here for a while, and have a nice long run on Dancing before heading back to Iowa and doing what I do."

Awww, Farmer Chris, melt our hearts a little bit more, could you? While Whitney Bischoff has been more than supportive of Chris' run on the show, I bet she's more than ready to settle into a new normal with her man.

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In fact, Chris even admitted that he initially had no interest in being on DWTS! "I didn't have any goals or desires to be on the show," he confessed. "But we met a couple of weeks before 'The Final Rose' actually aired, and the producers started telling me about the show and what it was actually like. I had watched the show before, and it looked like an interesting deal. So after talking to them and my fiancée about it, and they made the offer, I signed up. It sounded like something fun."

It's been worth it though. "It's exceeded my expectations," said Soules. "It's really rewarding, both physically and mentally. I've accomplished things I never thought I could accomplish."

He's even using his stint on Dancing to show how much he adores Whitney. This week, the celebs will do an interpretive dance to their most memorable year, and Chris has chosen 2014. "Finding the love of my life and getting engaged and living with her for a short time in LA and being on Dancing with the Stars -- all those things rolled into one have been the most absolute memorable year," he said.

Awww, Chris just totally just slayed all our suspicions that he's only in it for the fame. He seems to genuinely care for Whitney, and can't wait to get back to doing what he loves -- managing the farm back in Iowa. We're just hoping Whit doesn't mind snapping a few pics of him in cowboy boots and wranglers. From behind, please!

Do you think Chris is for real, or just in it for the fame?


Image via Chris Soules/Instagram

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