Leah Calvert Gives Telling Update on the Status of Her Marriage

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Now that she's officially made somewhat of a return to social media, we can't help but wonder whether Leah Calvert has experienced some sort of turning point in her personal life. She's been hit by about every obstacle a person can imagine over the past few months, so it's definitely refreshing to see her in good spirits once again (or at least she's acting like everything is ok.)


But of course, every party has a pooper, which is why speculation over Leah's marriage arose once again after some folks noticed she appeared to spend her wedding anniversary without Jeremy Calvert.

In response to people questioning whether them being apart on such a significant day is a sign they're headed for divorce court, Leah posted the following update on her Facebook page:

This isn't the only holiday I have spent without my significant other. Some days are harder than most. I have remained strong through it though and my strength has seen me through … Just as it does today and many more struggles to come.

Hmm. While she didn't come right out and admit that there's trouble in paradise once again, it sure sounds like Leah is hinting that she's about to go through more big challenges in her life.

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And according to The Ashley Reality TV Roundup, Jeremy hasn't exactly been living the lifestyle of a dude who is hoping to patch up his marriage. The site is reporting that he is already seeing another woman, and that his friends are no longer friends with Leah on Facebook. (A definite sign of them choosing sides, if you ask me.)

Also, a source told Us Weekly that Jeremy has been saying he's planning on filing for divorce, which only adds more fuel to the fire as far as the marriage being over goes.

Odds are good that we won't truly know what is going on with Leah and Jeremy's marriage until the new season of Teen Mom 2 airs, duh, because ratings!

But regardless of whether they are working things out or going their separate ways, let's just hope Leah is finally finding a place of happiness and peace in her life. She certainly deserves it just as much as anyone.

Are you worried that Jeremy and Leah have split?


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