'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Maci Bookout's Co-Parenting Battle Reaches a Low Point

maci bookout teen mom ogThe struggle continues! Maci Bookout may be trying her hardest to co-parent 5-year-old Bentley with ex, Ryan Edwards, but it's looking more and more like a one way street. While we've seen Ryan's "laidback" parenting style over the years, tonight's episode of Teen Mom OG shows just how nonchalant he is about co-parenting properly.


The agreement was pretty simple: They would meet at 1:30 to exchange Bentley. The pre-determined spot was 100 feet from Ryan's apartment. Did he make it? Sure he did. At 2:15. All because Maci "didn't call him," even though they made it a point to choose a time. Ooooookay

Instead, applause all around for Maci, because girl took Bentley, drove away, and dropped him off at his -- much more responsible -- grandparents' house. Ryan could handle it from there. Maybe.

Seriously people, more than 40 minutes late. How in the world?

Thankfully, the former fiances managed to meet up later in the episode and discuss their parenting communications and Ryan promised to be more open with Maci. Will it happen? Time will tell, but we're not holding our breath.

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Meanwhile, Catelynn and Tyler got in some hot water with Carly's adoptive parents, Brandon and Theresa, for posting a video of the little one. Brandon and Theresa don't want their daughter exposed on social media and have asked the Teen Mom stars to stay away from sharing details. That's when it all broke down.

But in happier news: They're decorating the nursery for little Novalee! It's pink; it's purple; it's filled with wonderful furniture and toys!

Finally, we had Amber, and a little cameo performance by Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry. The two are on their joint book tour and traveling their country and meeting with fans. All seems well on the road. But back home? Not quite.

Amber and Gary can't seem to agree about Leah and her schedule. And Leah is far more perceptive than anyone may have realized. While filming a scene with Gary and his girlfriend, Kristina, the little one noted that she can't be filmed spending time with Kristina alone because "Mommy won't like it." Word. For. Word.

Better stay tuned to find out Amber's reaction! Something tells us Leah notices a lot more than anyone thought...

What did you think of Ryan's behavior on tonight's episode?



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