Chris Soules' Latest Move Speaks Volumes About His Relationship With Whitney (VIDEO)

chris soules dwtsChris Soules may be gettin' into the swing of things on Dancing with the Stars, but he's not letting his grueling new training schedule stand in the way of love! Well, at least not judging from the sweet photo he recently shared.


The 33-year-old farmer and former Bachelor took to Instagram to share a shot taken backstage with fiancee Whitney Bischoff. Spoiler alert: In honor of "memorable moments" week, he's dedicating his upcoming number -- with dance partner Witney Carson -- to his beloved. Cue the awwwwws!


Could they look any cuter? Okay, actually, those aren't really the BIGGEST smiles we've ever seen on either of 'em, but hey, I'm sure this was right after Chris got done practicing his hot moves, maybe he was kinda sweaty, there was a lot going on backstage, and someone who works for ABC said, "Okay, you crazy kids, get together and lemme snag a pic that'll be super-liked by Bachelor Nation and DWTS fans alike!"

For more behind-the-scenes cuteness, though, ABC released exclusive footage from tonight's ep.

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So, yeah, there's obviously a bit of shillin' for the franchises going on here. A couple who plays nice with not just one but TWO shows on ABC obviously makes the network gleeful.

But hey, that's okay! As several couples before "Chrisney" have proven, you can be in the spotlight as reality stars and genuinely blissful together. That's something lots of us know to be true -- with or without a Rumba for Whitney!

What do you think about this shot Chris shared?


Image via ABC

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