Leah Calvert's Drastic Change Is a Good Sign (PHOTO)

Long hair, don't care! Leah Calvert's signature long locks are back, after a nearly yearlong hiatus. The Teen Mom 2 star chopped her flowing mane into a cute bob in June 2014, but she recently posted a new photo on Twitter, and thanks to the help of some extensions, her long hair back and looking better than ever!


Take a look at the photo Leah posted over the weekend, along with the caption, "Long hair is ... BACK ! #YAY"

Oh my gosh, does she look like herself again or what? Long hair just seems to suit the shape of her face, not to mention her personality. The mom-of-three is second only to Chelsea Houska in Teen Mom land in terms of letting her personality shine through her tresses. We're glad to see Leah back at it when it comes to playing up her 'do.

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Things with her and her hubs Jeremy Calvert seem to be going well, but wry observers noticed that she recently unfollowed him on Twitter, as well as tweeted about being happy to spend Easter with her three girls ... no mention of the man.

Regardless of what's going on in her marriage, it's great that Leah is taking care of herself again, and these extensions are fantastic! If she hadn't shared pictures of herself with her short bob, we wouldn't even be able to tell the difference!

Good on Leah, for getting back to her roots (hehe -- get it?) and having fun with her hair again. After everything she's been through recently, the lady certainly deserves to treat herself.

What do you think of Leah's extensions?


Image via Leah Calvert/Twitter

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