Catelynn Lowell Responds to Rumor Claiming Tyler Baltierra Left Her

Catelynn Lowell baby Novalee

They're only like, one of the most rock solid couples to ever come out of reality TV (or regular life for that matter), which is why we simply cannot comprehend the rumor floating around claiming that Tyler Baltierra left Catelynn Lowell -- right after they just had baby Novalee, nonetheless.


Yep. Apparently someone either a.) wanted to cause some sort of media frenzy by insisting that Catelynn and Tyler were on the outs, or b.) had some sort of crazy misunderstanding about the status of their relationship for whatever reason.

At any rate, Catelynn obviously felt the need to set the record straight, which is why she posted this tweet to clear things up.


Um, that pretty much sums up our thoughts on the matter exactly. Seriously, if these two ever legitimately break up, wouldn't you fall right off your chair?

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There's probably a better chance of hell freezing over than Tyler and Catelynn going their separate ways, so let's go ahead and forget about this crazy rumor all together, shall we?

Ugh. Apparently some folks will stop at nothing to try and belittle what we all know is pretty much the definition of a perfect relationship. Why can't they just leave well enough alone and let Catelynn and Tyler bask in this wonderful time with their new baby girl? (People suck.)

Do you honestly think Tyler and Catelynn will ever break up?


Image via catelynnmtv/Instagram

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