'Long Island Medium' Recap: Theresa Caputo Should Stick to Her Day Job

theresa caputo

Who knew that The Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo had so many skills? That said, maybe she should stick to doing what she knows best -- speaking to those who have passed on to the next world or what have you. 


This season we've seen Theresa show off all sorts of skills -- she's played guitar (yes, with those nails), scale great heights (albeit against her will) and rope cattle (fear her, ye denizens of Texas). This week we saw Theresa's sporty side. Apparently when she was younger she was a killer soccer player with a hilarious way of distracting the enemy. When she was getting ready to take a goal-winning kick, she would repeatedly play with her hair. I don't know how effective this really was, but Theresa swore by her move. This makes sense -- given how passionate the Long Island legend is about her trademark mane. I guess some things never change and Theresa's legendary tresses are one of them. 

While reliving her soccer glory days with her brother, Theresa got pumped about her past. She offered to come to her niece's next soccer practice and her brother thought it would be "something" if she showed up to try and teach her niece some of her ol' moves. When Theresa showed up it quickly became clear that while she may have had been hot to trot on the soccer field as a kid, she is more than a little rusty now. Theresa's enthusiasm for the girls playing made it clear that she was a much better cheerleader than a coach. Let's hope she sticks to the sidelines from here on out!

What other crazy skills do you think Theresa has up her sleeve?


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