'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Recap: What Is Really Wrong With Rob Kardashian?

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This week Keeping Up With The Kardashians got serious when Kris Jenner decided the time has finally come to get Rob Kardashian the help he so clearly needs. 


It's a great sentiment, but it begs the question: What's wrong with Rob Kardashian anyway? The entire episode was dedicated to Kris trying to find a way to get through to her son who seems to be drifting further and further away from his family (and reality). The only clue that things with Rob might be darker than any of us knew came when Khloe spoke to him on the phone and was reduced to tears. 

While it was nice (and um, appropriate, given that she is his mother) of Kris to decide that the time had come to take steps to help her hermit-like son. But it was short-sighted of her to keep Khloe out of the loop -- and honestly, kind of odd. Khloe is super close to Rob. I mean, he lives in her house! Khloe was right when she pointed out that no one in the  family really even talks to Rob -- of course he would be hostile if they approached him when they've been turning a blind eye to his problems for so long. 

However awkward the meeting was with Rob, it did have some sort of effect -- Rob agreed to start medication. But for what? Khloe decided to call Rob and check in and he was throwing a fit about taking his meds. She was reduced to tears and said intimated to Rob that she was tired of having to deal with "this stuff". Presumably she was talking about her history with Lamar Odom. Does that mean Rob potentially has a drug problem as was long rumored about Lamar? The show was really opaque about it, but whatever the illness here's hoping he's getting the help that he needed.

What do you think is going on with Rob?


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