Chelsea Houska's Latest Modeling Photo Will Take Your Breath Away

Chelsea Houska

Damn. After seeing the sexy modeling photos Chelsea Houska shared earlier this week, we have one burning question on our minds. Um, why in the heck is she even bothering with reality TV when she clearly has a future in the modeling industry?


Chelsea has undergone a huge transformation over the past year or so, and it's pretty obvious that she's quite the looker, so she really ought to think about pursuing a different career path entirely.

And if the initial pics she posted didn't convince you, check out this little gem, which she posted to Instagram yesterday.

� (photo by: @jakephotographysf @tyjacobsen )

A photo posted by @chelseahouska on

OMG! Who else thinks her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, ought to blow this one up and frame it and hang it on his bedroom wall?

Chel looks so gorgeous in this shot, it's stupid, and based on the confident expression on her face, she clearly knows she's a total hottie.

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Based on all of these sexy new pics, it's obvious that Chelsea has something up her sleeve as far as a new venture goes. Let's hope she doesn't keep whatever the good news is a secret for too much longer!

Do you think this is Chelsea's hottest photo yet?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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