Rumor About 'Teen Mom' Salaries Is So Outrageous We Don't Know Where to Begin

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Good grief. Out of all of the rumors that have ever come as a result of the show, this one definitely takes the cake as the wackiest we've ever heard. Would you believe that some folks are actually questioning whether or not MTV pays the Teen Mom stars to have babies, you know, in an effort to boost ratings?


Yep. Apparently some fans think the only reason some of the women on the show have had more than one child is because there's a hefty paycheck attached to each new baby.

While it's no big secret that some of the storylines on the show seem kind of embellished for the sake of good TV, do you honestly think these girls would put themselves through the challenge of pregnancy and parenting all over again for the sake of being part of some kind of baby mill?

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No. Freakin'. Way.

Get a load of Kailyn Lowry's response to the accusations:

Yep. I'd say that probably sums up how every other mom on the show feels about the claims as well.

Sure, they signed up to have their lives picked apart on TV and all, but still, to suggest they'd actually pop out kids to beef up their salaries really crosses a line.

Besides, with the numerous other career opportunities that come as a result of being on the show, it's not like they don't have much more promising sources of income. The cost of raising a child for a good 18 years or so is certainly much more pricey than whatever MTV would throw at them for a season or two, so let's go ahead and call bullsh** on this story just like Kail did.

Do you believe there is any truth to this rumor?


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