Jenelle Evans' New Legal Trouble Is the Last Thing She Needs

Jenelle Evans

Ugh. Just when she had vowed to keep her head held high in the wake of her romantic issues with Nathan Griffith, now it looks like Jenelle Evans is in trouble with the law again, though not for the reason you might expect. (She's sober, you guys. For reals.)


Get this one -- apparently she's being accused of second-degree harassment against a former friend, whose allegations are pretty darn crazy.

According to the police report, the victim claims, "when she broke off her friendship with the subject, she (Jenelle) would continually call, text, and send messages to the victim."

Apparently this person tried to "cut all ties" with Jenelle back in January, but then on March 17th, Jenelle "sent a long message on Facebook calling her a bitch and a cu**."

(Damn. Way to be subtle, Jenelle.)

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Wait, it gets even more bizarre. While the victim is clearly upset enough with Jenelle to file the report in the first place, it also states that Jenelle "did not threaten the victim in any way, but did threaten the victim's way of income through her business."

Hmm. Okkkkkk.

And while we certainly wouldn't put it past Jenelle to call someone the "b" and/or "c" word on social media, doesn't it seem a little extreme that this chick has gone to the police over the (alleged) messages?

I mean, why doesn't she just block her on Facebook, Twitter, and the like? It's also possible to block someone's number from your cell phone so you don't receive calls or texts from them anymore, so why did this person feel the need to go to such extremes?

Doesn't it kind of sound like she's trying to make a fool of Jenelle in an effort to get revenge on her, or whatever? It would be one thing if she'd been physically threatened or something, but going to the cops all because of a Facebook message that really isn't all that shocking to begin with?

Yeah. There's definitely something fishy going on here. And with all of the other drama she has going on in her life, Jenelle must be about ready to lose her mind now that this report has been filed. Will she ever be able to catch a break?

Do you think Jenelle threatened this woman?


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