'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jessa Duggar Keeps It Private & We Don't Blame Her

Whip up the chili - two hundred pounds worth, if you please - Jessa Duggar and Ben Sewald are tying the knot! The newest married Duggar kept one major wedding moment under wraps. 


She and Ben have been saving their first kiss until they say I do. Kudos to them. This is not something I can manage. I have a hard time not squeezing my boyfriend butt basically whenever it is near me. For real. It's a problem. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard also saved their first kiss for after the wedding. But Jill and Derick made their inaugural smooch an integral part of the ceremony, with Derick dipping Jill and giving her a big romantic smooch in front of every single person gathered and presumably also the big honcho in the sky. 

Jessa said from the beginning that her wedding would be very different from Jill's. It was, in three ways. Jessa wore a PINK wedding dress, she opted for sundaes instead of the more traditional wedding cake AND rather than share her first smooch with Ben in front of the world at large, the newlyweds bolted after saying their I-Dos to kiss privately -- pretty darn cute. 

I gotta say, while I personally think you should kiss before you get married (to make sure the person you profess to love is someone you actually connect with chemically) if you do make the decision to keep your lips on lock-down until there's a ring on it, doing like Jessa and Ben and not making a spectacle out of it is definitely the way to go. First kisses -- while great -- are often awkward as balls! It was smart of the couple to work out the special moment in private. 

Would you ever judge someone by the first kiss?


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