'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Catelynn & Tyler's Baby Gender Reveal Doesn't Go as Planned

catelynn lowell teen mom gender revealBefore we even knew that Novalee Reign would be, well, Novalee Reign, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra each had their baby gender hopes pretty set. And on tonight's episode of Teen Mom OG, we find out exactly what Mom and Dad wished for in the first few months of pregnancy and how the gender reveal completely dashed those hopes.


Like many new parents, Catelynn and Tyler chose to throw a big gender reveal party for their little baby. They had an ultrasound, where both predicted that they'd be having a little boy, gave the envelope with the answer to the MTV producer, and went about their lives.

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But what they expected wasn't necessarily what they wanted. Catelynn was easily pro-daughter while Tyler wanted a little boy so that he could be a better dad to his son than Butch (who finally makes an "appearance" this episode) was to him. The bets were set, the families each chose "boy" or "girl" sides, and it was time for the big piñata bust and the official reveal.

So when they pulled the string and pink confetti fluttered about, their reactions couldn't be any different. Catelynn immediately rejoiced and celebrated with her mom (who also wanted a granddaughter). Meanwhile, Tyler was not as joyous. "All my plans are just crumbling," he said upon learning he'd be having a girl. But, he ensured everyone that he'll "get excited as time goes on." Got busted in the moment, but if we've learned anything in the last three months, it's that Tyler is one seriously proud and happy Papa.

While Tyler and Catelynn were both celebrating their baby news, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood were reaching another milestone -- their kids' first day of kindergarten.

Maci and ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards still haven't been able to get together and talk about Bentley. Instead, Maci talks with a therapist and Ryan has yet another half-hearted chat with his parents. But Bentley's not having any of it. While spending a day with his dad and grandparents, he reveals that his mom's house is his real home.

That sends Ryan reeling. Without notice, he stands up from the table, announces he has "work," gives Bentley something that might resemble a hug, and walks off. Ryan's dad, Larry, is far from happy. But Bentley is ultimately the one who'll lose. Ryan, you have some more time to redeem yourself. Better get to work.

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And finally, Amber and Gary continue their pseudo-flirty relationship. They go back to school shopping with Leah, and Gary initiates an awkward tickle fight that ultimately fails. Even little Leah is rooting for Mom and Dad to get back together, but Gary is still firmly with girlfriend Kristina, which Amber witnesses first-hand.

While dropping their daughter off at the first day of kindergarten, she sees Gary and Kristina together and realizes they've made a family with Leah while she was in prison. And quickly, the MTV producers are shut out and Amber takes some Amber time.

That's when she reveals one sad truth: "I would feel like I'd be doing the bad thing if I got full custody of [Leah]. I feel like I would be ripping her out of her home." We can all see her struggle with establishing a healthy family home for Leah, and for now, that's something Gary has.

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