Mackenzie Douthit Is Concerned About Daughter Jaxie's Development

Mackenzie Douthit has two of the cutest little kiddos around with her hubs Josh McKee. The Teen Mom 3 star welcomed baby boy Gannon in September 2011, and little girl Jaxie in February 2014, and she often takes to social media to share about their adorableness. But something Mackenzie posted recently about Jaxie's development is little bit concerning.


Jaxie has already celebrated her first birthday, which should make her a full-blown toddler, except for one small thing ... at almost 14 months, she's apparently not walking yet.

Over the weekend, Mackenzie shared this about her daughter's development:

Mackenzie did say that she's happy for Jax to stay her non-walking baby girl forever, but that fact that she posted about it at all shows that she's worried. Why mention it otherwise, unless she's trying to get reassurance that this is totally normal?

And normal it is. As many of Mackenzie's fans were quick to point out, there's no "right age" for a baby to begin walking. Jaxie isn't even quite 14 months yet, after all. But I get where she's coming from with her concern. Both of my daughters held out until they were 14 months to take their first steps, and I did have my moments of worry about them being developmentally delayed.

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I can imagine that Mackenzie is just a wee bit more worried than other moms about her daughter's development though. She's an aspiring fitness model, and she and Josh spend countless hours at the gym keeping their bodies in tiptop shape. How could she not be just a little bit concerned that Jaxie isn't toddling after her brother by now?

Even though she may not be walking quite, we have a feeling that Jaxie will be chasing Gannon around the house in no time! Every child develops at their own rate, and it's totally normal to have a 13-and-a-half-month-old who still prefers to crawl.

Do you think it's normal to worry when your baby is a bit of a late bloomer?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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