'Long Island Medium' Recap: Theresa Caputo Abandons Long Island

Long island medium

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, and her husband Larry took the show on the road! 


This week their traveled to San Antonio, Texas. As I so desperately hoped, they ate tacos and also communicated with the spirits of those who have passed on. So pretty much it was the best combination of things that could be. Seriously, if someone were to show up at my door with a taco and a message from my late grandmother I'd be touched and absolutely delighted, because I loved my grandmother and I will always love tacos. 

At first, like most of the viewers at home, I was worried about how Theresa would be received in Texas. It didn't take really any time at all for those worries to be banished. I mean, what was I thinking? The woman loves big hair, big meals, and dancing. Basically what I've established is that she should move to Texas. She and Larry had a total blast.

One of the cutest things about Larry and Theresa as a couple is how they are constantly looking for opportunities to learn new skills and connect with new people. I'm sure they were both genuinely tickled to learn how to rope a steer (a skill at which Larry hilariously excelled, Theresa was too worried about her hair to get very far), I think they were both far more pleased to connect with the folks who ran the ranch. This is true wherever they go. The duo could move to San Antonio tomorrow and fit right in. 

Do you think Theresa will ever leave Long Island for good?


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