Chelsea Houska Puts Her Foot Down About Her New Boyfriend Cole DeBoer

Filming for Teen Mom 2 is currently underway, and one of the things we're totally stoked for is to see Chelsea Houska and her new man Cole DeBoer on camera together. But there's one thing the reality star has insisted upon -- she doesn't want MTV to film a meet-and-greet between Cole and Adam Lind.


Apparently Chelsea doesn't think there's any reason for her new boyfriend and Aubree's dad to meet on camera. Cole has become a huge part of her life since they started dating last fall, and Chels gushes about him and how good he is with Aubs frequently on social media, and she wants it clear that Adam is not a part of that.

A source told Radar Online, "Chelsea made it clear that Adam and Cole were not going to hang out for a dramatic scene ... It would never happen in real life, so why force it?"

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The insider revealed that Adam and Cole have met in passing, but Chelsea has no desire for them to be onscreen together. "Adam is not a part of Chelsea's life, so it's not important," they said.

That makes sense, as much as we'd like to see Chelsea rub it in Adam's face that she has a new amazing man. But given her current attitude toward Aubree's dad, it's likely she just doesn't want to be around him anymore than absolutely necessary for visitation transfers. When they went to court last week over a custody issue, Chels reportedly didn't even look in Adam's general direction!

Don't get too excited that we'll be seeing lots of Cole in the upcoming sixth season though ... The source explained that Cole hasn't spent much time with the MTV cameras. "He has filmed once so far," they claimed, and added, "There may be more opportunities in the future."

Let's hope so! Chelsea and Cole are so ridiculously adorable together on social media -- we're dying to see it onscreen too! Let's just keep our fingers crossed that we'll at least get to see him make an appearance on the reunion special with Dr. Drew.

Do you think Chelsea made the right decision refusing to let MTV tape a meet-and-greet between Adam and Cole?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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