Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend Gropes Her in Pic We Wish We Never Saw

In case you haven't heard, Farrah Abraham has found a new boyfriend. A real one, apparently, not like that Brian Dawe guy she tried to hire to go on Couples Therapy with her, or that other guy adult film star she hired to do Backdoor Teen Mom with her. This guy seems to be legit, but that doesn't mean he and Farrah can't still skeeve us out.


Since New Year's Eve this year, Farrah has been sharing pics of her new beau, Simon Saran, who reportedly works in real estate in San Diego, California.

But Farrah is Farrah, and if there's anything we know about the sex toy entrepreneur, it's that she loves to over-share. Take this photo for example, which the Teen Mom star posted on her Instagram account over a week ago.

My love

A photo posted by Farrah Abraham � (@farrahabrahamofficial) on

We have no idea how we missed this when she initially posted it, because dang -- he is totally groping her in this photo! Why in the world she pose for this, and then post it online?

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Another good question is who the heck took it? It's obviously not a selfie, so did they set a timer? Did a friend take it? A professional photographer? Why is he grabbing her crotch and why did she choose to share it?

Farrah is back on Teen Mom OG after a lot of controversy over whether or not she'd be joining the cast, but we have no idea if Simon was part of the filming. We kind of hope that he's going to be featured, if for no other reason than we're curious to meet the guy who thinks grabbing a lady's special places for a candid photo is a great idea. We have a feeling he may be just as drama-filled and attention seeking as Farrah herself!

Would you ever post a picture online of your boyfriend grabbing your crotch?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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