Farrah Abraham Takes a Dig at Moms Who 'Just Have Kids'

Farrah Abraham and Sophia

Well? If she was hoping that maybe people would see her in a different light after watching the Teen Mom "Original Girls" season, she's in for a seriously rude awakening. Let me see ... how shall I put this? In a nutshell, Farrah Abraham slammed the hell out stay-at-home moms, adding even more fuel to the fire as far as the ongoing battle between working and non-working parents goes.


Apparently she's pretty proud of herself for getting the heck out of her hometown and making a name for herself (albeit an infamous one), which is why she had no qualms about voicing her opinion in an interview with Yahoo.

She explains:

Farrah now is way different from the Farrah then. If I was that same person, it was just finish college, open up my restaurant, live my happy life, get married to Derek and have my daughter. We'd probably have other kids, we'd stay there in Nebraska and that's my life. I am very happy that I pushed myself to be more than that individual who I was growing up to be. I only wish others who watch us push ourselves to be more than staying in their hometown and having kids. That's lovely, but there's much more to life than that.

Um, excuse me?!? Let me get this straight. She hopes that mothers who watch Teen Mom will be inspired to "push themselves" to do, well, anything other than what they happen to be doing in their hometowns with their children?

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Maybe I'm reading way too much into her comment, but it sounds like it was pretty much a subtle way of declaring herself to be better than other women because she chose to be ... a porn star?

Sure, there are plenty of women who dream of moving out of their hometowns to experience life in other places, but by the same token, there are lots of people who are perfectly content to stay put, settle down, start a family, and live happily ever after without feeling like they are missing out on some big opportunity, or whatever.

Sigh. As long as there is still a mix of working moms, stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms, and everything in between, odds are good that the debate over who is making the right choice versus who isn't will continue to rage on.

But for crying out loud, can't we all try and refrain from making comments that could possibly be taken out of context as far as this subject goes? Moms have enough challenges as it is without a reality TV star telling them they suck at life.

Are you offended by Farrah's comments?


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