Chelsea Houska's Custody Issues With Adam Lind Go From Bad to Insane

It is not a good week to be Adam Lind! In addition to being arrested for the umpteenth time for allegedly failing to pay child support to Taylor Halbur for their daughter Paislee, he also got shut down by a judge after dragging Chelsea Houska to court over his visitation schedule with Aubree.


This guy is such a piece of work. He was willing to take Chels to court to show what a good dad he is that he deserves more time with Aubs, but all the while he's been failing to pay child support for his second daughter. Does he not understand that the court puts all of that together when making decisions in the best interest of the child?

Adam and Chelsea met in South Dakota's Lincoln County court on March 23, to discuss Adam's request for unsupervised visitation with their 5-year-old daughter Aubree. Currently, he's only allowed to spend time with her under the strict supervision of his parents. He's also not allowed to drive with her, which probably has a little something to do with his three DUIs.

A family source dished to Radar, "Adam served Chelsea with papers in January, wanting unsupervised visits with Aubree and to be able to drive in the car with her ... Both Chelsea and Adam went to court on Monday about his request."

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According to the insider, Chels couldn't even be bothered to glance at Adam, as she took the stand to fight his demands. Burn! "She brought up his long history of arrests and allegations of steroid use," the source said. (Lind has long-denied using steroids, despite the numerous allegations.)

And let's not forgot -- three DUIs. And multiple other arrests for driving related charges. And that fiery car crash he caused last year when he was speeding.

Remember last November when his ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton hit him with a restraining order for domestic stalking? Or in October when another ex, Jessica Nicole, claimed that he had gotten physical with her and even left bruises? Lind claims they're all lies, but trouble just seems to follow this dude.

The judge (bless him) sided with Chels, and denied to grant Adam his request. The insider said, "The judge said Adam has to go six months without any arrests or trouble before he will even think about changing the visitation."

Can Adam stay out of trouble for six months or more? While it would be great for Aubs to have a dad who didn't know every cop in Sioux Falls by name, we're not going to hold our breath.

Why do you think Adam took Chelsea to court over custody?


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