'Bachelor in Paradise' Cast Rumors Have Us Beyond Excited for Season 2

Bachelor in Paradise

We still have a few months to go before we will once again indulge in the guilty pleasure that reunites past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants together on a tropical island, but man, it sounds like the cast of Bachelor in Paradise 2 is already shaping up to be totally epic.


Show creator Mike Fleiss gave us this little tidbit about who will attempt to find love in a crazy, unconventional way this coming summer, and it sounds like he's promising some pretty awesome names on the cast list this time.


Hmm. Incredible, huh?

By "incredible," we have to assume he's indicating that there will be some very dramatic and controversial personalities on the show, so let's go ahead and make a few predictions based on who we think is confirmed so far, and who our ideal cast additions would be.

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Ashley Salter -- Duh. Chris wasn't exactly shy about inviting her to be on BIP when she appeared on the "Women Tell All" special, so we can go ahead and look forward to her zombie slaying and onion growing ways for a second time.

Kelsey Poe -- Supposedly Kelsey is a sure thing too, although given the rumors about her suing ABC for emotional distress, or whatever, we shouldn't be to surprised if she has a major panic attack right before the plane lands.

Ashley Iaconetti -- OMG. Kardashley is totally gonna be there. She'll likely bring plenty of Kim inspired bikinis and a supply of false eyelashes to last her for at least a couple of months or so.

Ok, now let's get to that wish list.

Josh Murray -- YES! While we've heard a decent amount from Andi Dorfman since their big split, Josh has been kind of M.I.A., so showing up in paradise is exactly the thing to get him back into the spotlight again. He'll sweep someone else off her feet then drop her on her a** a few months later, after she's helped him reach the next level in his MLM marketing biz. (Wait, what?)

Juan Pablo Galavis -- Um, he HAS to be there this time around. The show needs at least one villain, and who better to take on the role than the man who refused to say "I love you" to the woman he picked at the end of The Bachelor? (Ees ok.)

Courtney Robertson -- One phrase: "Skinny dipping in the ocean to her heart's content." Winning!

Clare Crawley -- Yes, Clare deserves another shot if for no other reason than it's about time somebody "put all of his eggs in her basket." For reals.

Michelle Money -- Because she's practically the mayor of the damn show, so it doesn't make sense for her not to be there.

Graham Bunn -- a.) He's the hottest dude EVER. b.) He and Michelle need one more chance to realize they're soul mates once and for all. The end.

Ok, your turn to weigh in. Who would you like to see on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise?


Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

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