Farrah Abraham's 'Woman Crush Wednesday' Is the Last Person We Would Pick

We've been mesmerized by Farrah Abraham for six-plus years now, and she never fails to amaze when it comes to self-absorption. This chick really seems to believe that her poop doesn't stink, and her number one fan is definitely herself. She's taken it to new levels this week though, as Farrah's "Woman Crush Wednesday" is herself.


For the uninitiated, #WCW is an opportunity for people to share on social media females whom they admire. It goes hand-in-hand with Man Crush Monday, albeit a different day of the week.

However, our favorite Teen Mom star we love to hate seems to have missed the point. You're supposed to mention women that you admire, but Farrah hopped online to pay tribute to herself. No seriously, she did.

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She posted a picture of herself modeling a sexy monokini and some sky-high wedges, and labeled it with a #WCW hashtag.Take a look.

We just can't even with this girl. Granted, she looks gorgeous, but who posts that they have a crush on themselves? Self-esteem is great and all, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to check it before it turns into full-blown narcissism.

Then again, this is the lady who got a "mom" tattoo in honor of herself. In that regard, we'd expect no less from her than to declare herself her very own Woman Crush Wednesday.

What do you make of Farrah's #WCW?


Image via Ralph Notaro/Splash News

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