Amber Portwood Makes a Huge Life Change

Amber Portwood has spent the last two years turning her life in a complete 180, and her latest move shows just how very far she's come since we first met her on MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Amber took to Twitter on Wednesday, March 25 to announce that's she's enrolled in college!


That's right, this chica is headed back to school for some formal education.

It's hard to believe that less than a year and a half ago, Amber was in jail for drug-related charges. She spent 17 months behind bars, opting to be incarcerated rather than completing rehab. It seems to be just what she needed though, and she's been clean, sober, and happy ever since being released in November 2013.

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She's been spending tons of time with her daughter Leah, and even found herself a supportive fiance, but she hasn't given up on her dream of eventually opening her own rehab center.

She told her followers on Twitter that she'll be majoring in "Behavioral Science which includes sociology and psychology courses," and will be taking most of her classes online.

Her brother Shawn Portwood said around the time she got out of jail that "her focus is college," and that "she wants to start her own drug rehabilitation program."

After Amber did her time, she admitted to Dr. Phil in an in-depth interview that she had never been sober on camera before, and that she learned a lot about herself as she got clean.

We're so excited to see Amber so on top of things! What a great example she's setting for Leah, and for all the young girls out there who don't think they can turn their lives around for the better. Way to go Amber!

Do you think Amber will be a good rehabilitation counselor?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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