Whitney Bischoff's Message to Chris Soules Couldn't Be Any More Clear

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff

Aww. It's only been a few weeks since we watched Bachelor Chris Soules get down on one knee and propose to Whitney Bischoff, but apparently the two of them will stop at nothing to make sure the other feels loved and supported. Despite rumors insisting that they're actually on a verge of the split, they really do seem to be very much in love, and (dare I say it?) happy and ... real?


Even though Dancing With the Stars is taking up most of Chris' time, apparently his lady love doesn't mind one bit, and is more than happy to cheer him on and root for him each week.

In fact, after a rocky performance with partner Witney Carson on Monday night's episode, Chris told E! about the text Whitney sent him immediately after the judges revealed their scores.

He said:

She is there for me. And the first thing she did was send me a text after it (the lackluster dance) and said, 'Eff the judges, you did a great job!'

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Huh. I wonder if she actually said "Eff" or dropped a big fat F-bomb in all its glory? Who knew that Whitney had such a bad ass side to her? She comes off as so sweet and innocent, but it's refreshing to know that she has a bit of an edge, even if she isn't always willing to share it.

While we can't be exactly sure what the future holds for these two, if they can make it through yet another reality TV show without it driving a wedge between them, odds are good they just might survive a quiet life on the farm after all. You know, other than the rooster crowing at dawn, and cows mooing, and pigs oinking, and ... I'll shut up now.

Do you think Whitney and Chris will last?


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