Chelsea Houska's Baby Daddy Adam Lind Arrested -- Yes, Again!

You'll be totally shocked to hear this, I'm sure, but Adam Lind was arrested again this week. Teen Mom 2's resident bad boy might as well have a cell in South Dakota with his name engraved on it, from the amount of time he's spent behind bars.


Usually it's for some driving related charge, but he did shake it up last December with and arrest for "domestic stalking charges." This time it was for "Failure to Appear."

Lind was reportedly arrest on March 23 in Lincoln County, South Dakota, and according to the Sheriff's Department, he "posted bond in the amount of $849.41 cash and was released."

Of course, he brought it on himself. Lind was in court with Chelsea Houska just prior to being arrested, asking the judge to grant him unsupervised visitation with Aubree. This spunky little lady lives full time with Chels, and Adam's parents must be present when she's spending time with her dad.

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The judge said something along the lines of, "Um, no," (we can't be sure of the exact words, but the request was denied) and a source told Starcasm, "At the end the judge told him he had a warrant for his arrest, and he was arrested then and there."

Whoops. It turns out that Adam's "Failure to Appear" has to do with back child support he owes to Taylor Halbur. Tay is the mom of Adam's second child, 1-year-old Paislee, and she filed papers back in October to get an order for Adam to pay up.

Apparently he didn't, and also failed to realize that courts take those support payments pretty seriously. Otherwise why would he show up to the courthouse to petition for more custody? The guy is clearly not wearing his thinking cap.

Are you surprised that Adam got arrested again?


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