Britt Nilsson's 'Mystery' Role as 'Bachelorette' Revealed!

Once we came down from the shock of hearing that both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson would be filming for the next season of The Bachelorette, we immediately started scratching our heads and wondering exactly how that would work. Thanks to Reality Steve, we know more than ever about the Bachelorette mystery roles!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


We heard the news a week or two ago that the guys on the show had taken a vote and decided to keep Kaitlyn Bristowe as their main gal (thank GOD), but that Britt would still somehow be involved in the show.

Steve got some insider information that she might still be dating on the show, but didn't know how she she was involved. We had nightmares of Britt dating Kaitlyn's rejects, thus having a whole separate other show going on on top of Kait's. That would've been no bueno.

Apparently, Britt has been hanging out with just other guy, Season 11 contestant Brady Toops! According to the Gossip King, Brady eliminated himself during the first rose ceremony, and told Kaitlyn that he had to take a chance and see if he could date Britt! Is that freaking romantic or what?

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Fans have sent in pics to Steve of the couple shopping in Trader Joe's, and another fan posted a picture on Twitter of the two of them grabbing an ice cream while filming. Steve predicts that it won't be a major plotline, nor will they appear in every episode, but we'll occasionally check in on them.

Are you more excited for The Bachelorette than ever? How did this all go down? Did the guys take a vote after the first cocktail party, or did they even get a chance to meet both of the girls?

It really seems like it might be the real deal, if Brady were willing to give up the chance to achieve reality star fame by making it to the end of the season, or even becoming the next Bachelor if Kaitlyn didn't pick him.

On paper, it looks like they are totally perfect for each other. Brady is a musician and folk/gospel/soul singer, and we all know Britt can sing from that Big & Rich group date with Chris Soules. Plus his last tweet before signing off to film The Bachelorette was "Peace & Love," which seems to go well with Britt's flower child attitude.

We're hoping for the very best for these two. Hey, just because we didn't want to see Britt become the next Bachelorette doesn't mean we don't want her to find love!

What do you think of this Bachelorette couple? 


Image via Britt Nilsson/Instagram

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