Kailyn Lowry Shares 'Waist Training' Photo You Have to See to Believe

Kailyn Lowry

Huh. Apparently she's been paying pretty close attention to the method the Kardashian sisters are famous for using to whip their bodies into shape, because Kailyn Lowry is wearing a waist trainer to help her whittle down her mid-section. She shared a picture of herself wearing the corset-like apparatus on Instagram, and it's pretty safe to say she's never EVER looked so tiny.


Granted, this thing can't be too comfortable to wear, especially during workouts, but man, Kail is getting some pretty bangin' results.


Are you even believing how much thinner she is than she was even a few months ago? I mean, it's not all that shocking that she's slimmed down quite a bit over the past year, given that Lincoln is out of the infant stage, but still, her body transformation is pretty darn impressive.

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But given how hard Kailyn is working to diminish her size, we can't help but wonder what, exactly, her goal weight is, as she's bound to reach a point where she'll go into more of a maintenance mode as opposed to continuing to try and shed pounds.

We'd hate to see her waste away, so hopefully she realizes how great she already looks and doesn't take her efforts too far.

Would you ever try a waist trainer?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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